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DJ Magnum 3-7PM

Join DJ Magnum Weekdays from 3-7PM!
Before DJ Magnum was DJ Magnum, he was Eddie. Born in the Bronx, NY, Eddie had a different upbringing than most locals. By the age of 5, Eddie wanted to be a rapper. His favorite radio station was HOT 97.1, which was and still is the premier rap/hip-hop radio station in New York City. After being in the streets of NYC for years, Eddie started running with the wrong crowd.  He ended up in juvenile detention for 4 months.  Eddies’ family was scared for his well being and sent letters to the judge suggesting he be sent to Texas to live with his grandmother, ensuring the judge Eddie will finish school and stay out of trouble. The judge agreed and Eddie was sent to Bruceville-Eddy to attend high school.  Kinda like the fresh prince of Waco. After graduating, Eddie had lots of different jobs and wasn’t able to keep a hold of one.  He went to Mclennan Community College and studied Real Estate, although he never used his education to buy or sell any Real Estate.  Eddie soon got married and spent two years in San Antonio. After a six year relationship with his wife, Eddie was divorced with no home, forced to live in a different home than his children.  Eddie moved back to Waco and got a job at Logans Roadhouse.  He soon ran into a man named Bowzer from a rap group called Gun Fam. After witnessing Eddies lyrical skills, Bowzer quickly introduced Eddie to the C.E.O of 808 Entertainment. Eddie was signed and given a Gun Fam name……Magnum. Soon after realizing rapping wasn’t making any money, Magnum started putting on the shows instead of just being in the show. Still, it wasn’t making enough money to justify the time and work that was put into making the show.  It was in the Power 108 parking lot 5 years ago, after a meeting with my club manager and the sales team about advertising, that I was deemed a disc jockey.  DJ Magnums’ first gig was at a country western club.  Soon after that, he became a rap DJ at a local rap club.  After leaving the rap club, DJ Magnum found his place being a predominately top 40/ hip-hop DJ, although he can spin any genre.  Multiple nightclubs were interested in DJ Magnums services, but DJ Magnum decided to make 5th st Icehouse his home.  After advertising the new home on Power 108, DJ Magnum began his pursuit to become a radio DJ. In DJ Magnums eyes, and most other DJs eyes, being a radio DJ is the holy grail of the DJ world. A month and multiple office visits went by before DJ Magnum became DJ Magnum from Power 108.
Here’s a quote I wrote on my myspace over 8yrs ago…
Who do you wish to meet?
“Anyone famous enough to get me the right connect in the rap game.  But I guess that’s just wishful hoping.”        -Eddie Rosado