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Chrissy 10am-2pm

“I”ve been lucky to land in Radio Land twice! I should have known I was destined to talk for a living, because I was ALWAYS getting in trouble for talking too much! Ha, ha! Now it pays my bills!
I’m married, and a Mom to a teenage son, two cats and a 4 dogs. All of which get along pretty good!
We recently bought a house, remodeled it, and i have come to the conclusion if you are still married after a home remodel, you’re gonna make it!
If I was a Super Hero I would be Wonder Woman, (she has a Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets.)
My favorite tv shows are: Amazing Race, The Mindy Project, Top Chef  and Cold Justice)
I’ve recently discovered Greek Yogurt, and can’t get enough!
My celebrity crush is Anthony Bourdain.

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